Ominous Seapods
The Haunt
Ithaca NY

Source: SBD > DAT >Cass/0 >Cdwav (tracking)> FLAC16
Playback: JVD- TD-W354

Recorded by: Rich Lemire?
Transfer by: Taperwayne (
From The Archives of Joel and Claire.

Disc #1
-Set I-
01. Waiting Room
02. Candy Cane Flame
03. Ask Me If My Wheels Are Turning
04. 12
05. Seymour
06. Leaving The Monopole
07. Countin' Time
08. Josephene's Grand Motion//
09. Jet Smooth Ride
-Set II-
10. As I Stand Here Now
11. Animal
12. Black Friday > Until I Break

Disc #2
-(set II ctd.)-

01. Bong Hits and Porn
02. Humanature
03. Sally Simpson//
04. //Tug Boat Man
05. 1/4 LB Hot Dog
06. Twice As Long
07. Sneakin' Sally Thru The Alley
08. Waiting For The Bomb To Drop
09. Hope I Shall Arrive Soon
10. Hey Donnie Osmond
11. Jam > Blackberry Brandy
12. "Hootie" >
13. Pull From// Adirondack Blue
14. Banter
15. Mr. Blood

Notes: Tape Flips:
D2T13 > crossfaded, noticeable, but still seamless.

Great sounding SBD. Unsure if Rich Lemire recorded this or not.
The J-Cards gave credit to "Joel and Claire". If you are out there, step forward and take a bow.
Transfer by: Taperwayne ( January 2009 - Wind Lake WI