Ominous Seapods
Valentines Music Hall (upstairs)
Albany, New York
Set 1+2

Source: (@ soundboard/center) Neumann U89i (hyper, DINA, -80hz)> AETA PSP-3> Mytek Stereo ADC 192 + Soundboard> (Oade Concert Modified) Edirol R-44 (24/48) on a SDHC Card.

Transfer: SDHC Card> Card Reader> PC> Samplitude SE No. 9 (Merge two sources, Normalize, Fade in/out, Resample to 44.1k, and Dither to 16 bit)> CD Wav (Tracked and converted to Flac @ level 8).

Recorded by: Ed Guidry (

Any help with the tracking and set list would be great. Feel free to email me with reseed requests.