please note.. this is a portion of the REM WYNN MERCHANT OPAL night at McCabes.. there are some 77 mins of all the other artists available but this portion was new to me.. the wynn rem portion should be more common.. i added the 2 merchant tracks to complete the opal connection that night..

McCabes guitar Shop
Santa Monica
Texas Records Shows
early and late showcase

special guest on late show steve wynn on acoustic guitar and natalie merchant

audience recording of unknown generation
received flac files ( cdr--EAC-flac) from xjohnx
seeding as received added txt file and md5

Early show

01 Intro --> Falling Star
02 Rocket Machine
03 Supernova
04 Magick Power

Late show

05 Intro --->Falling Star
06 Rocket Machine
07 Supernova
08 Magick Power
09 too little too late-- S.Wynn & Kendra S.
10 more than a paycheck ---natalie merchant& Kendra S.
11 hear the wind blow---natalie merchant& Kendra S.

tracks 10 and 11 added by hanwaker from a download ( cdr--eac-wav-flac(8)
thanks to xjohnx for all other files
uploaded to dime by hanwaker 2009-05