audience a chatty crowd.. it gets worse as the show continues .....
..... the taper could place his mics ( on behalf of the band ?) very close to the PA or even on stage resulting in a very nice recording..unfortunately several tracks on the flacs i received suffered from small drop outs. i fixed that to the best of my skills..and then there is this chick very close up in the later part of cd2...maybe some one knows her voice ??

as this is just about 90 mins it appears to have been originally compiled on a c-90 cassette.. maybe for the bands own pleasure?

Blacksburg Va --usa--

sbd and aud recordings of unknown generation
received flac files ( cdr--EAC-flac-DVDr) from xjohnx
reworked ( see notes) and added txt file and md5


01 Happy Nightmare Baby ++1
02 Soul Giver ++1

03 ? ++2*
04 Magick Power ++ 2*
05 Rocket Machine ++2
06 Revolution ++2
07 Jewel ++2
08 Supernova ++2
09 Falling Star ++2*


01 Blue Flower ++2
02 ? ++2*
03 Soul Giver ++2*
04 Happy Nightmare Baby ++2* end of a show and audience clapping for encore
05 Rocksession ++2*
06 Siamese Trap ++2 *
07 Grains of Sand ++2*
08 ? ++2*

sources :
++1 show #1 sbd----The SB songs are from the ritz in NY in nov 1987 ?
++2 show #2 aud -- but very nice sound... runs uninterrupted cd1 0tr3-tr09 and cd2 01-08
------ the aud is from Blacksburg Va.

someone says.....

That's funny. Its my tape you have!
A compilation I made. Don't remember who I gave it to.
Maybe the same guy that sent me his Philly master...
I have not made copies of the shows for anyone. Even David.

The SB songs are from the ritz in NY, and the aud is from Blacksburg Va.
Our roadie used my walkman pro to tape it.
That show was the best!

I taped all the shows until Kendra and I left the tour.
Both soundboard and audience. I was taping the MaryChain too, but they did
not want any board tapes made.

I was not on the rest of the tour when it started again with Hope, so I
don't have a sbd of SF.
Actually, I think I do have an aud. tape of it!

Do you know anyone with photos from that tour>?

* these tracks have been reworked by hanwaker
( just some smoothing..... BUT cutting out several drops in cd2 tr2+3 +4 which is audible so there is a tiny bit of music lost re-adjusting fluctating levels which is still impossible to repair as you might note)

thanks to xjohnx for the original files

notes as on transfer by hanwaker 2009-05

upload to dime first time in 2012-07 by hanwaker