april 6th
stuttgart (germany)
die roehre

urschrei master 006

equipment unknown

transfer: hanwaker 2013-04
master-cassTDK SA 90 played back on nakamichi cr7e (azimuth aligned)--> edirol04-->HD--> smoothing/splicing in audacity--> cdwave tracked--> flac(8)

the very same recording was transferred by me 4 years ago from an unkown ( but low) generation cassette, In the mean time i discovered the master recording and did a new transfer... the new appaers to have one track more , but due to a tracking mistake the last 2 songs ended up as one on my former transfer. Furthermore this runs almost 6 mins longer !
because the speed is different
i believe this to be at correct speed
because a c-90 cassette usually ran about 46:30 to 47 min.. both sides of this cassette are almust full thus a running time of 93 minutes makes sense
(footnote..the splice in soulgiver is at the 47:12 min mark of total running time)

thanks ........ for completing the setlist..no one did the first time around !

93:34 mins

split for 2nd cd after track 9

02 magic power
03 forever and ever
04 ?
05 rocket machine
06 i never really wanted your heart
07 happy nightmare baby
08 ?
09 soul giver (splice @5.51 due to tape flip)
10 ?
11 she falls and she can't get up
12 real wild child
13 life's a gas
14 heroin
-encore 1-
15 ?
16 the killing moon
-encore 2 -
17 ?
18 soon be home

transferred and re-worked by hanwaker
finally uploaded to dime by hanwaker 2013-04