Open Road Bluegrass Band

Bluegrass On The Lawn
Museum Of The Rockies
Bozeman, MT

SBD>Sharp MD 722

Sony JB920>Turtle Beach Montego II (Via optical spdif)>CDWAV>CDRWIN>CDR
Taped and Seeded By Shawn Chesley

Set 1

1. Intro
2. Your Still To Blame
3. Cold Wind On Fletchers Hill
4. I'll Forgive You
5. Band Introductions
6. Send Me Your Address In Heaven
7. I Heard The Sweet Voice Of My Dear Loving Savior
8. South Saluta Ramble
9. Just One Teardrop, And One Step Away
10. God's Not Dead
11. Aragon Mill
12. I Believe In The Old Time Way

Set 2

1. Intro
2. I Wish I Had Someone
3. Don't Leave Me In Jail Pretty Girl
4. I'm Not Perfect, But Neither Are You
5. How Many Times?
6. Some Things Does, and Some Things Don't
7. Cainsville
8. Mary
9. The Old Swinging Bridge
10. Petals In My Pocket
11. Compromise Song
12. It's A Sad Situation
13. I Like To Hear Them Preach, I Like To Hear Them Pray
14. Southern Flavor
15. I've Always Been A Rambler
16. Hard Times
17. Francis Lee
18. Orange Blossum Special
19. My Sally Jo

mod names and appended seek tables - 01/23/03 -
Shawn was the only taper at this gig. Enjoy!