Orange blossom Botanic Park Adelaide 2016-03-11.
T01 - Ommaty
T02 - The Nubian
T03 - Cheft El Khof
T04 - D�sert Dub
T05 - Goodbye K�
T06 - Pitcha
T07 - Lost
T08 - Habibi
T09 - Pink Man [+outro]
T10 - [percussion performance]
T11 - Maria
T12 - Black Box

amazing French band , top quality outfit.
the first minute is lower quality as I made my way to the front through the crowd, I cut some of the first track out as it was not a nice listening experience, so first track fades in overall, this is very nice sound, appreciative , mostly non talkative audience

SP-CMC-25 cards >BB > Sony PCM M10 > mac pro>Soundtrack Pro> mac pro>adobe audition 2021 remix > xact>sbe flac 8
recorded> edited and transferred GodzgolfBall

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