Orchestra Baobab (One of Africa�s great iconic bands) recorded for BBC Radio 3 "World on 3" 2017-01-31 BBC 322kbps HLS stream
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2017 sees the return of In The Round, a series of intimate performances staged in a rarely seen fully seated concert set-up at the Roundhouse.
One of Africa�s great iconic bands, Orchestra Baobab create some of the world�s most sublime and truly distinctive music.

Formed in 1970, taking their name from the Dakar nightclub where they were resident, they fused Afro-Cuban rhythm and Portuguese Creole melody with Congolese rumba, high life and a whole gamut of local styles, kick starting a musical renaissance in their native Senegal, which turned the capital, Dakar, into one of the world�s most vibrant musical cities.

The band released dozens of recordings before disbanding in the mid-80s but it was their neglected 1982 album, Ken Dou Werente � which included many of their most famous songs, �Coumba�, �Ledi Njemme Mbodj� and �Utru Horas� � that became a cult-classic, re-released to huge acclaim by World Circuit Records in 1989 under the title Pirate�s Choice.

The band reformed in 2001 with encouragement from Senegalese superstar Youssou N�Dour and the following year released Specialist in All Styles, their first album in nearly 20 years.

In 2007 they released Made in Dakar, and now, nine years on, Orchestra Baobab are back in the studio recording their fourth album for World Circuit, which is set for release in Spring 2017.

Orchestra Baobab, the legendary Senegalese Afro-Cuban big band, recorded in concert at the Roundhouse in London in January. The gig is introduced by Kathryn Tickell, who is joined by Lucy Duran to discuss the Baobabs' long history (they formed in 1970 in Dakar).

Broadcast on BBC "World on 3" 2017-03-03.

01 intro - Kathryn Tickell with Lucy Duran
02 On Verra Ca - recorded for BBC World Routes in Dakar, 2001.
03 talk - Kathryn Tickell with Lucy Duran
04 Dee Mo Woor
05 Amikitabay
06 Fayincounko
07 Foulo Kano
08 Woulignewa
09 Kharit Kharito
10 talk - Kathryn Tickell with Lucy Duran
11 Utros Horas
12 Magno couto
13 Ndiaga Niaw
14 talk - Kathryn Tickell with Lucy Duran
15 Bulma Mine
16 On Verra Ca
17 Werente Serigne
18 outro