Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (Omd)

Saarbrucken, Germany
Studio Eins @ Saarl?Ndischer Rundfunk (&Quot;Sr 1 Unplugged&Quot;)

Lineage: Zoom H-2 (Open, ~ 3 Meters Fos, 120?-Recording W/ Internal Mics) ≫ Sd ≫ Hdd ≫ Wav ≫ Goldwave / Audacity (Adjusting Channels / Equalizing / Tracking) ≫ Flac (Via Traders Little Helper (Level 7 And Tested))


Tracklist (51:32 Min):

01 Electricity
02 Messages
03 History Of Modern (Part I)
04 Metroland
05 Hollywood
06 Souvenir
07 She'S Leaving
08 Maid Of Orleans
09 Sister Mary Says
10 Dresden
11 Sailing On The Seven Seas
12 Enola Gay


Notes (Uninvited94 / 2013-06-15):

This Is The Complete, Unedited, Uncompressed Capture Of Omd'S Very Fine And Special Performance (Seated, Tickets By Competition Only) In The Original Mccluskey/Humphreys Line-Up. The - Yet To Be Broadcasted - Fm-Capture Will Be Available In Lossy Format Only With Probably A Few Edits, Except When There May Be Somebody Asking The Sr For An Unaltered Pre-Fm-Source, What Might Be Not Totally Impossible.

Andy Mccluskey - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Paul Humphreys - Synthesisers, Laptop


Taped, Prepared And Uploaded By Uninvited94.

Do Not Encode To Lossy Formats (Mp3, Ogg, Wmv Etc.) Except For Your Personal Use.

Do Not Alter This Set Of Files Before Uploading On Trackers Or Trading It.

This Is A Mastered Version. Please Do Not &Quot;Remaster&Quot; And Spread It Unless I Personally Offer You The Original Raw Files.

Do Not Sell This Recording.