Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
The Orchestral Tubular Bells 1
Composed by Mike Oldfield
Arranged for Orchestra by David Bedford
Conducted by Benjamin Northey
Recorded at the Adelaide Town Hall, Australia
Performed September 14, 15, and 16, 2006
Recorded from a radio broadcast

1.1 Radio Announcement
1.2 Orchestral Tubular Bells Pt. 1

This is a nice performance of Orchestral Tubular
Bells Part 1. A long-time Oldfield fan was
consulted throughout the rehearsals for this
performance, and he was the person who came up
with the idea of incorporating the Adelaide Town
Hall bell into the performance. It can be heard
here, albeit faintly. The person mastering this
performance was kind enough to crank up the
volume at that point. It must have been a
very nice effect for the concertgoers!

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