unknown location
Freiburg, Germany

Paul McCandless : Oboe, English Horn, Bass Clarinet, Whistle
Ralph Towner : Classical Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Piano, Trumpet
Glen Moore : Bass
Collin Walcott : Sitar, Tabla, Percussion

lineage-professional recording on unknown equipment> ? > cd-r snail mail trade > cd-r WAV files > EAC disc extraction> TLH for file conversion and torrent creation> Dime

1. Brujo
2. Dark Spirit
3. ???> Silence of a candle
4. Tabla Solo> Ghost Beads
5. Distant Hills
6. Improvisation
7. Song for a friend
8. Aurora

I've been seeding the Oregon shows from their run of German shows played in March, 1974 on their first trip there. I've planned to get them all up soon, but I had a request this week for this particular show, so it's the next from me. I still have Koln/Cologne to go, and then they'll all be back here again, except for Bremen, which was officially released earlier this year.
I got my copies in cd-r snail mail trading many years ago with a trader from Germany. These were here too from the late Rudolff, who many still seem to recall fondly. He'd upped this in 2005, and it was reseeded by palinurus in 2014. I'm not 100% sure that my cd-r trade copies came from Rudolff's shares or source, but they may well have. In any case, these are uniformly great performances by Oregon featuring much of the music from their first few albums that were released here in the US on Vanguard. The recordings are all either FM's or SBD's. This one is supposedly a SBD.
Many thanks to those who've made this available to me from the original recordings on down to the shares. Please also support the musicians you admire by purchasing their officially released material and by paying to see them live.