Binghamton University
SUNY-Binghamton Social Room
Binghamton, NY, USA
September 24, 1974 - Second set

Goody Remastered Reconstruction

From the original seeder's notes:
This is my first-ever analogue-to-digital audio restoration project from 1998 or 99.

This performance took place at what is now Binghamton University. At the time, a frequent complaint on that campus was that Binghamton, NY was dead (it was), and that there was never anything to do (there wasn't). Fortunately there were at least a few students who decided to do something about it. Being from New York City and environs, those students active in campus concert promotion doubtlessly had connections to the music and entertainment industries based there. As a result, the 1960's, 70's and early 80's saw an amazing array of student-sponsored concerts, of which this is one.

As I recall, this recording was pretty much a straight tape-to-hard-drive transfer. The only editing I did was to get rid of some dead time between numbers and to fix a glitch 3/4 of the way through "Aurora", which was caused by someone tripping over the tape deck's power cord while it was rolling, and then hastily reconnecting it. [Please note: those tuning bits, etc., have been put back from another source for this edition, which was most likely a copy of the unedited original - see below. goody]

Props to the original recordists, whoever they were and to WHRW-FM for keeping the tape safely in storage for all these years.

Lineage: 1/4-track 7.5 IPS master SBD reel > Otari MX5050 > Echo Audio Layla 20 sound interface > Cool Edit Pro > CD-R > EAC > FLAC level 8 > YOU, the listener! >

Goody's additional lineage:
foobar2000 (WAV) > Audition (Pitch Bender -27 cents; Copy RC to LC; Levels adjusted; noise removal; reconstruct with missing filler from alternate source, details below*; Tracking) > TLC (FLAC Level 8; Align sector boundaries; .ffp)

*Lineage for fills (thanks to glasnostrd19):
sbd? > ? > CD > CD extractor (wav, retrack, DC offset, balance levels and remove short overlap) > flac (sb's aligned) >

Goody's additional lineage:
foobar2000 (WAV) > Audition (DC Bias corrected; Pitch Bender -1 semitone; Copy RC to LC; EQ; Levels adjusted) > TLH (FLAC Level 8; Align sector boundaries; .ffp)

The Band:

Paul McCandless - oboe, winds
Collin Walcott - tabla, sitar, percussion
Glen Moore - bass
Ralph Towner - guitar, piano, trumpet


1 Rainmaker 10:41
2 Icarus 14:48
3 Ghost Beads 15:22
4 Free jam 12:05
5 Raven's Wood 11:35
6 Band intro 2:12
7 Aurora 8:35

Total time: 75:22

Goody's current comments:

First of all, I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by patching this show back together, especially with small patches from an offspring of its source. I know that the original edits to remove what I've done my best to unobtrusively restore here were performed thoughtfully and may actually have made a kinder listen of an Oregon show; it enabled those choosing to not relive the live experience to still take in the entire set's musical offerings; (if you don't think there is still great music to be gleaned even among some of those stretches of tuning by these masters, that is.) For those folks, I've indeed made achieving that particular listening experience just a bit more work, while improving what's being heard as a tradeoff. Sincere apologies are offered up here to those of you who are among this group, and especially to the generous originator of the basis for this edition who made the original cuts. All of the tracks do begin with music. Tuning, song announcements followed by additional tuning, etc. are (almost) all at the ends of tracks.

The patches, largely used to fill in a few missing minutes of tuning, are from a tape of some unknown generation from the master. Fortunately, the better source containing all of the complete compositions played during this set was used for all the music in this reconstructed remaster. Nothing was omitted in that regard. As noted above, unfortunately the better source had previously been edited to remove all the tuning and other dead space between most of the pieces. So, while it made for a better listen for many, there are also many others who prefer the complete experience of being able to spend the same amount of time listening to how the complete continuous performance went as it took to play the set, warts and all. That's how this edition came about, while the need also arose to adjust the speed/pitch and a few other small flaws in the source.

While working with these tracks, it was discovered, thanks to TomP, that this is a mono recording. He suggested choosing the stronger Right Channel to perform a true mono-ectomy. (Not his phraseology...) Thanks to him for all additional help and advice, as well.

Artworks courtesy of lauramareike and ethiessen1

Thanks so much to all involved in the creation, preservation and perpetuation of these indisposable archives.

Text updated for this edition - 4/03/15

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