University Union Social Room
Vestal, NY
Second Show

source: aud
lineage: original 7” reel->cassette->CD->FLAC
quality: A-
time: 77min
style: Jazz

1. Rainmaker
2. Icarus
3. Ghost Beads
4. Free Improvisation
5. Raven’s Wood
6. Aurora

Ralph Towner: guitar
Paul McCandless: oboe and woodwinds
Glen Moore: bass
Collin Wolcott: percussion

Notes: Both sets were recorded to 7’ reel to reel tapes. My copy comes from a friend of mine who had it on cassette that was dubbed from both reels. I was told that the college radio station used a mobile unit to record this. No mention was made of soundboard from my contact. The titles were taken directly from the reels. So, if there are any inaccuracies, please let me know. Please do not sell. Enjoy!