Unknown Venue
Chicago, Illinois
January 18, 1976

Lineage: WXRT-FM => cassette => HHB CDR-830/CD-R/W => EAC => Nero Wave Editor (track splits, edits and fades) => FLAC frontend level 6 (align on sector boundaries)

01. Witchi-Tai-To
02. Brujo
03. Cloud Dance
04. Rainmaker
05. ???
06. Yet To Be

Ralph Towner
Paul McCandless
Glen Moore
Colin Walcott

Notes: This is a decent-to-good recording from an FM source, but has a few flaws:
Track 03 has a dropout at 12:08, and a tape flip/edit at 12:40
Track 04 has the WXRT ID at the end during the applause
Track06 fades before song's end (as I had run out of tape)
There is noticeable FM hiss during softer passages.
In addition, there is a either a bad microphone or bad patch in the soundboard on some of the percussion instruments (cymbals most notably) as well as the sitar.

Tracks with question marks are unidentified.

I put a track break between tracks 03 and 04; a new song/theme seems to start there and I hope I got this correctly.