Unknown Location
Vienna, Austria

Ralph Towner guitars,piano
Paul McCandless winds
Collin Walcott tabla,sitar,percussion
Glen Moore bass

Source- cd-r trade of a long ago FM broadcast recorded on unknown equipment > EAC disc extraction> TLH Wav to flac formatting> TLH torrent creation> DIME

1- Ghost Beads
2- The Silence of a Candle
3- Improv into Along the Way
4- Yellow Bell
5- Yet to Be (fades)

This is another late 70's Oregon show I got in a cd-r trade long ago. The late 70's found them on Warner Elekra in the States and the release of their Out of the Woods, Roots in the Sky, and In Performance albums. Paul McCandless and Glen Moore each had solo projects on Warner Elektra then too, while Collin Walcott and Ralph Towner were with ECM. I'm not sure if this show has been on DIME, but I'm betting it has.
Yellow Bell would be on Out of the Woods. I don't think Along the Way came out on an Oregon album until their In Moscow project with the Symphony Orchestra, but it was also on Towner's Sound and Shadows with the Solstice band of Garbarek, Weber, and Christensen. Silence and Yet to Be have been on several Oregon releases dating back to the early 70's (Silence goes back to the Paul Winter days too). Ghost Beads was on Winter Light.
I just saw there's a newly remastered version of Outin the Woods/Roots in the Sky that's about to be officially released. That news reminded me of how much I loved this era of Oregon, and brought me to this show and the San Diego show from 78 I seeded recently.
Thanks to whoever first recorded this, and to the trader who made it available to me. Please do continue to support these artists by paying to see them live and by purchasing their commercially released material.