Beit She”an Roman Amphitheater Israel Festival May 21th 1989.
Ralph Towner: piano, synthesizer, classical guitar
Paul McCandless: piccolo and soprano saxophone, oboe, english horn,
bass clarinet
Glen Moore: bass
Trilok Gurtu: tabla, drums, percussion, voice

This and the concert the following night at Binyenei Ha'uma
Jerusalem ,have ( as far as I know ) never made it out of Israel , as I cannot find any evidence of them being anywhere on the net or on any tradelists . They were unknown to several major Oregon aficionados , who were unaware that they had ever played Israel .

Its of course possible that someone has traded them and they have been kept in house, but now I am releasing them and I hope you enjoy them as I much as did when I was listening repeatedly whilst cleaning them up.

This was by far the worst of the two shows sound wise, there were some wind gust noises and there was a break in transmission at the start of the second set, the signal did not drop out completely , but it dropped in both volume and clarity, before I cleaned it you could hear engineers panicking and talking to each other in Hebrew , the signal picks up after a few seconds, still not perfect, but then gets back to normal after about 20 seconds.
Also ,there are two fade outs , at the end of set one and set two.

FM broadcast > unknown recording deck> TDK SA 90 tape > digitised 2014 > wav file > Flac> Adobe Audition> speed correction, clean up minor FM noise, clicks, minor eq ,audition mastering tools > remove announcers interruptions > XACT SBE flac ( LEVEL 8 )

Silence of A Candle
Beneath an evening sky
Pepe Linque ( fade out )
Les Douzilles ( 31 second in to 52 second out interference/signal dropout )
King Font
Improvisation > Leather cats( fade out as tape tuns out )

Thanks to Roel Luimstra for the original recording and Reinhardt for passing them on when I could not download them from the net.
Mastered 2014 by godzgolfball -if you do another mix, go for it but acknowledge that you have done so when you trade :-)
Don't sell it , share freely , listen to it LOUD.

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