Oregon Jazz Orchestra
featuring Devin Phillips & Mel Brown & Dan Balmer
Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR.
July4, 2008

Recorded from KBOO FM. An all volunteer radio station in Portland. FM>HD>FLAC>Dime or at times FM>H2 ZOOM>HD>FLAC>Dime. As always there are some bumps in the road, but nothing that would stop me from down loading these shows. I've tried to fix all the drops and pauses in the music. Enjoy the festival, twofthrs

***Please give a big Thank You to (steeve a) who took this recording and made it listenable. There was some annoying buzzing inherent in this recording that he was able to "fix". He used a program called Izotope RX for noise reduction. ***
Thanks from all of usto you steeve a...

A new musical institution has begun in Oregon. The Oregon Jazz Orchestra (OJO) formed in April 2007 creating a public, big-band jazz orchestra based in Portland. OJOís mission is to expose Oregonians statewide to the jazz art form through musical performances, education, and promotional activities. The brainchild of jazz saxophonist Devin Phillips, OJO features Oregonís finest performing musicians. The Oregon Jazz Orchestra is Devinís vision for giving back to the community that so readily welcomed him after his relocation to Portland in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

This year's marquee performance at the Safeway Waterfront Bluesfestival marks the OJO's first public appearance since its New Year's Eve debut. The "Count (Basie that is) Down to the 4th" performance features not only Devin Phillips as saxophonist and artistic director, but also local jazz legends Mel Brown and Dan Balmer. OJO's set features various selections of Count Basie's most popular blues songs, several of which will be highlighted by acclaimed local blues vocalists Shelly Rudolph and Richard Arnold. A swingin' way to celebrate the 4th!

please help with the set list as i'm not familiar with Count Basie's material.

set list
1. insturamental
3. allright, ok, you win
5. jelly jelly blues
6. needless to say (dino's blues)