Oresund Space Collective
Torvi, Lahti, Finland
October 30th 2009

Recording by Scott Heller
Recorded on Edirol R-09 with Core Sound Cardiod Mics. Volume adjustments were made in Sound Forge 8.0.
CDWav to CD-R to FLAC using EAC (exact audio copy)

1. Torvi Spaceout 20:53
2. Smoke Rock 14:46
3. Inside Jukka's Head 15:51

1.Band Introductions
2. The sound of breaking Ear Drums 20:42
3. Gastronomical Domine 30:27

The players on this night were: Mattias- Pedal Steel, Jukka- Drums, Dr. Space- Synthesizers, Mogens- Synthesizer, Sebastian- Guitar, Nick- Guitar, Juha- Bass