Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR.
July 2, 2011

Again the WBF went off with some big names in the music world. The non-profit radio station, KBOO, here in Portland did the broadcasting again and there were lots of problems this year, as in other years. Many drops in reception which I attemted to "fix". Not all were broadcast, which was a bummer, and some were just to rife with problems to save. So there are some bumps in the road, if you will, but over all some nice tunes are here. Of note, the Preston Shannon set, James Harmon, Bobby Radcliff, Chris Cain Band, Ty Curtis Band and of course Lucinda Williams. So enjoy & spread the shows around, twofthrs.

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Since I'm not familiar with a lot of these bands there will be some "unknowns" in the set list's.

"L.A.’s Orgone keeps the hotness of the recent retro-soul revival coming; lead singer Fanny Franklin fits in very nicely between Sharon Jones and Amy Winehouse. As befits the band’s name, Orgone’s sound is quite organic, rooted in soul, funk, boogaloo, and jazz, with a classic appeal that’s nevertheless contemporary... one non-stop groove. If smooth, soulful funk with jazzy arrangements makes you sweat, you just found your new favorite band."
- XLR8R magazine

"Orgone has provided all the elemental power to drive the funk/soul revival to new levels...Orgone will invigorate your groove spirit and get booty out of its little box and out on the dance floor."

Rising from an ever-growing Los Angeles soulful musical family, Orgone have spent the last couple of years honing their own sound by gigging non-stop – playing major festivals like New Orleans’ Jazz Heritage Fest, North California’s High Sierra Festival, touring with the Roots, and Greyboy Allstars, and opening for acts as varied as Snoop Dogg, Sharon Jones, Al Green and Gil Scott-Heron. With a deep-rooted appreciation of funk, soul, blues, Afrobeat, and an intimate understanding of DJ culture, the 9-piece Orgone naturally slides through multiple styles, their dynamic performances building a buzzing fan base from coast to coast. Their latest recording, Cali Fever “refers to the vibes and energy coming out of California, specifically LA,” explains the band. “Coastal environments breed a certain sound—New Orleans, Brooklyn, the Bay Area, Miami. LA has a sound and a feeling for all of us and that's how we approached this's an amalgamation of the eclectic things we've learned and heard mostly growing up in LA. We aspire to represent where we come from.”

Orgone’s ability to get a crowd on its feet is testament to their eclectic outlook on funk and soul. This is not a retro funk-by-the-numbers band simply re-hashing the past. This is an evolving ensemble dedicated to bringing tight, tough and honest get-on-your-feet funk and soul music.

Set List
01 insturmental
02 unknown
03 give it up
04 funky nassau >who knows who
05 insturmental>
06 i get lifted
07 unknown