Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA
Friday March 28, 1975

Main Floor 3/4 of the way back in the center >
old Radio Shack mic and recorder (unknown model) >
Maxell UD C90 tapes > Sony WR665 Cassette Player >
Ego-sys Waveterminal 2496 > WAV > Soundforge for
track splitting > Flac (level 8) via TLH

Opener for Return to Forever

1. Trenchtown Rock
2. Cold Spell
3. Ending of the Song
4. Mountain
5. Please Be There
6. Dance With Me
7. Two-Faced World/If
8. Let There Be Music
9. Big Fat Mama [??](inc. tape flip)
10. Half Moon
11. One Sided Love
12. Tongue-tied

For Trade Only - Do Not Sell
Support the Artists

as a poor student, I stopped the tape between
songs to conserve tape so a couple of things
end or start abruptly. As befits a cheap mic
and recorder, the sound is saturated but
still quite listenable.

Not only was RTF playing fusion music but their
concerts were usually fusions. In this case,
the opener was the rock group Orlean (inc.
future NY Congressman John Hall). Orleans had
Top 40 hits which gave the general public
its impression of what Orleans was but playing
live they really rocked out and jammed. If
anybody has any recordings, please share them!