Orleans - EQ Remaster
1976-10-16 late
Palladium, NYC

**contrast clause**
This is a remaster of a torrent that is already seeded on DIME:

I wasn't planning on seeding this but I've received some positive feedback after sharing some before/after samples.

Much thanks to the original taper Jerry Moore, Rob Berger the transferrer/seeder, and jpciii who seeded the torrent above to DIME

I've always heard about how great this band sounded live so I was happy to see this show up on DIME. After listening for awhile I decided to see if I could reduce the boominess of the bass so that the vocals sounded more prominent. This is particularly noticeable on their big hit "Dance With Me" where the bassline climbs up to an F# harmonizing with them during the refrain. Also the drummer's cymbals couldn't be heard very well.

EQ remaster info: flac>16/44 wav>Soundforge+EQ>flac
See screenshot for EQ curve.
EQ scoop keeps bass from muddying the vocals. Mid boost + aggressive high frequency (+11db) boost clarifies the vocals and brings out the drummer's cymbals, especially the ride. The noise floor of the resulting remaster is nice and quiet due to the exceptional quality of the source recording.

Please listen to the before/after sound samples in the comments below before downloading.

Larry Hoppen - guitar/keyboards/vocals
Lance Hoppen - bass/vocals
John Hall -guitar/keyboards/drums/vocals
Wells Kelly - drums/percussion/vocals
Jerry Marotta - percussion/drums

source: aud 1st gen reel
Jerry Moore's copy

lineage: aud>sony ecm99a>sony tc-153/b,
tdk sa90 cassette masters
taped from 1st row in the loge

1st gen dubbed: pioneer 1000/b cassette deck>teac a2300s reel @ 3.75 ips/b

technics rs-1506>teac an-180/b>hd-p2 24/96>hd>
cd wave>adobe audition 2.0>flac
transfer/seeded by Rob Berger 2011-03-07

one disc: 47:12

01 - tuning
02 - Let There Be Music
03 - Reach A Little Higher
04 - Dream Weaver
05 - I Don't Have You
06 - Dance With Me
07 - Dreaming Again>
08 - Whomp Bomp
09 - What I Mean
10 - You're Still The One

notes: opened for Jackson Browne