Ornette Coleman Quartet
Keystone Korner
San Francisco, CA

Soundboard recording, 92:13

Lineage: SBD > MR > cas > cas > WavLab 4 Restoration > flac(lvl8)

Sound Quality: B+

1 21:27
2 28:48
3 22:49
4 15:58
5 3:09 [cuts off]

Ornette Coleman - alto saxophone
James "Blood" Ulmer - electric guitar
David Williams - bass
Billy Higgins - drums

WavLab 4 restoration by Giuseppe Candiamo at AllSound Restore, Messina, Italy, 2003.

The club owner surreptitiously taped this concert, along with many hundreds of others. One of the sound guys decided he should copy some of the reels... which turns out to be fortunate, as I have been led to understand that most of the tapes were destroyed when a fire broke out in the kitchen. I borrowed a set of cassettes made from the 5 copied reels and remastered several of them in a professional studio.

This recording was very rough with a huge amount of hiss, given that the levels on the source or a subsequent transfer were below the noise floor of the recording equipment/medium. I could do little with it in ProTools II, so I had it transferred and mastered by Giuseppe Candiamo at AllSound Restore, and you can't believe the difference.

For this edition I have made a few balance adjustments, reversed the channels for the last 2 tracks, and retracked the recording for continuous play by removing an overlap at the tape/cd flip boundary.

I have no idea if these are improvisations of if they reference themes common to OC's music, so any input is appreciated.


Seeded at DIME, December 2010.

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