Ornette Coleman
Skies of America
Verona Jazz Festival
Verona, Italy


Source: Dime post by nowave, thanks !!

Changes Made (Nero 8):

Corrected large phase offset by moving left channel by -0.016msec
Cross mixed tracks (99:1 ratio)
Corrected large overall balance offset on all tracks
Corrected lots of smaller volume and balance shifts
Removed all silence after abrupt cut at the end of tr02
Restored the 4sec. fade at the beginning of tr03
Cross-faded tr02 > tr03 by 4sec, combining into Part2 so now it is continuous, spot the join !!
Applied very gentle NR, music quality is actually enhanced, hum / buzz is significantly less.
Removed 10sec silence at beginning of tr01
Amplified / faded applause at the end of tr02 by +6dB - still quiet though, this is an SBD.
If you have a CDR-90, then this will fit, suggest you cross fade the track transition by 2sec.

Quality: Must be at least an A+ now

This was a great post, thanks to nowave, made even better with a fair bit of editing...


40:54 Part 1
47:30 Part 2

(TomP remaster, posted on Dime December 2008)

Original info >>>

Ornette Coleman (alto saxophone)
Bern Nix (guitar)
Charlie Ellerbee (guitar)
Albert MacDowell (bass guitar)
Walker (bass guitar)
Grant Calvin Weston (drums)
Denardo Coleman (drums)

with the Symphony Orchestra of the Verona Arena

June 1987


here's the complete "Skies of America" recorded live in concert at the '87 Verona Jazz Festival.
Rumor has it that the recording engineer walked out right before showtime, so guitarist Henry
Kaiser got dragged in to do the live recording balance!

this recording was supplied to me on 2 cd-rs which i extracted with EAC. the only changes i made
to the audio was to cut off a lot of digital silence from the ends of tracks 1 and 3. other than
that, this is the unchanged audio as it was presented to me. this is an extremely clear,
professional sounding recording and ornette fans should be blown away by this.

live multichannel mix > ? > 2 CDRs > EAC > Soundforge (trimmed digital silences) > FLAC > you