Ornette Coleman Quartet
San Francisco Jazz Festival
Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
November 05, 2005
audience recording, transfer and 2005 seed by Brad Phillips

June 2015 reseed:
SBE's repaired and FLAC files renamed;
no other alterations made

79:10 minutes

suggested setlist:

01. intro 0:25
02. Crying without Tears * 4:42
03. New York 10:05
04. Picolo Pesos 7:36
05. Tone Dialing 6:00
06. If I Knew as Much about You (as You Know about Me) 7:54
07. unknown title 6:42
08. Sleep Talk 7:36
09. Guadalupe 4:50
10. unknown title > Song X 13:10
11. encore break 0:55
12. Lonely Woman 7:44
13. outro 1:23

taper's original notes:

Ornette Coleman - alto saxophone and trumpet (no violin this time)
Denardo Coleman - drums
Tony Falanga - acoustic bass
Greg Cohen - acoustic bass
* [re: Crying without Tears]: This may or not be the title.
It was played at a concert I have a recording of, in New York on 6/20/04,
a review of which gives the names of several tunes, as written in the program.
But the reviewer also has "New York"as "Song World", "City Living"
as "City People" and "Lonely Woman" as "Those that Know Before it Happens",
which all might be accurate, as Ornette is known to change song titles
("Sleep Talk" was originally known as "Dream Talking",
and "Guadalupe" was "The Good Life", which was also an alternate title
of "School Work" ). In any case, this composition, as well as the ones
played on tracks 7 and the first part of track 10,
are staples of the quartet's repertoire.
Maybe they will be on and named, on the reported upcoming record by this group,
which Ornette said in a recent interview, was imminent.

3 minutes of the applause prior to the encore were edited out
so that the show fits on one 80 minute audio CD.
FLAC Folder size: 464.3 MB

Recorded and mastered by Brad Phillips.
This recording is strictly for non-commercial use.
Please do not distribute in any lossy format, such as mp3.

Source/lineage: Oade Brothers Audio Micro Condenser Mics
(on my glasses, balcony 5th row, 5 seats right of center) >
Sony TCD-D8 with Oade Brothers pre-amp mod (@16 bit/48kHz) >
DAT Transfer: DAT > Sony TCD-D8 (@16 bit/48kHz) > Edirol UA5w (Oade mod) >
Apple iBookG4 > Audio Recorder v1.4 > AIFF >
Bias Peak v4.13 (down-sampled to 16 bit/44kHz,
some EQ applied to Ornette's words at the end,
applause volume between tracks attenuated) >
xAct v1.3 > FLAC > 2005 seed

sector-boundary errors repaired in all tracks
and new FLAC-8 files renamed;
no other alterations made.
New checksum files created and this info file revised;
original info file with program notes included.

Thanks to Brad Phillips for this recording.

a zootype reseed June 2015