Ornette Coleman & Joachim K�hn
L'Arena di Verona
Verona, Italy
Jun 24, 1996
(Inner Voice: Jazz Masters Volume 16)

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Welcome back to our "Inner Voice: Jazz Masters", a series of previously unreleased recordings from an anonymous collector featuring a wide variety of master Jazz musicians, new and old. We continue our series with Volume 16 and the complex playing of Ornette Coleman accompanied by German pianist Joachim Kuhn in a trio setting.

In the 1960's Coleman was one of the originators of "Free Jazz", an effort to break out of what was considered the too limiting themes of bebop, hard bop and modal jazz.

In the early 1970's Coleman coined the term "harmolodic", described as a synthesis of the concepts of harmony, melody and movement. This show in 1996 shows both free jazz and Coleman's concept "harmolodic" on full display.

Playing with Coleman in this trio setting is classical and avante-garde German pianist Joachim K�hn. This appears to be one of only two shows the two played together as a duo or trio, the other being in Joachim's hometown of Leipzig which was released on the 1996 LP "Colors". K�hn would replace Geri Allen as Coleman's Quartet's fulltime pianist shortly after the Leipzig show.

It was not often Coleman played with a pianist in this or any setting and he seemed most comfortable with Geri Allen who was more of a complement to his playing than a classically trained pianist like K�hn. Allen's playing was more linear and sparse while K�hn's was more aggressive paralleling Coleman's playing rather than complementing it. At this time Coleman seemed to trying to move away from the label of "jazz musician" and was leaving behind players, like Allen, that clearly fit that mold. The parellel playing and classical background of K�hn's playing seemed to fit the bill of what Coleman was searching for. This however did make for some complex passages that will challenge the listener.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to supply the setlist and any assistance of those more knowledge than myself is very welcome.

Track 1 appears to have been recorded at the soundcheck to an empty arena, it is the same tune as Track 11 which is definitely recorded during the performance.

Once again, all thanks to our benefactor who wishes to continue to remain anonymous.

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