Ornette Coleman and Pat Metheny Song X
12 May 1986
Warner Theater
Washington, DC
Made from the master cassettes

total time 1:53:01

01. Intro and Song X
02. Compute
03. Turnaround
04. Broadway Blues
05. Kathelin Gray
06. Guadalupe
07. Video Games
08. The Calling
09. Art of Love is Happiness
10. Endangered Species

Ornette Coleman - alto saxophone, trumpet, violin
Pat Metheny - guitar
Charlie Haden - bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Denardo Coleman - drums

from "DC" our anonymous donor:
Ornette Coleman, Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Jack DeJohnette, Denardo Coleman -- Warner Theater, Washington, DC, May , 1986: Recorded from mid-way back in the theater, using a sometimes-challenged Sony R15 Recording Walkman and its binaural headphone-microphone combination. From the master tapes.

note from carville:
I seeded a different recording of this concert in 2004. It was something I had gotten in trade on cd and was dated May 5 1986. DC says it’s May 12 so we would presume he has the right date. I compared the 2 versions and they are definitely the same concert and they are definitely different recordings (different audience chatter, but you can hear some of the louder ones on both recordings at the same spots, just from a different perspective).