Ornette Coleman Quartet
Rose Hall
Lincoln Center
Sept 26 2009

Aud>DPA4060>DPA Batbox>R-09>Peak>Xact>Flac

Ornette Coleman Alto. Violin, Trumpet
Tony Falanga Ac Bass
Al McDowell El Bass
Denardo Coleman Drums

This was my first trip to Rose Hall, AKA The house that Wynton Marsalis built.
Millions of dollars were spent to make this the preeminent venue for jazz.

They failed....The acoustics are horrible....The Ceiling is way too high and the place is full of hard, flat surfaces that reflect sound. Even though this recording was made from the front row it has quite a bit of ambience....I can't imagine what folks up in the third tier boxes were hearing.

Of Course ANY Ornette show is better than 95% of everything else, so enjoy this despite the sonic limitations.