Ornette Coleman Trio
w/Izenson & Mofatt
Paris, France
February 12, 1966


Ornette Coleman-alto, trumpet, violin
David Izenzon-bass
Charles Moffett-drums

I know a bootleg label released this but I don't have it to compare nor do I know if it is the same source.
This one is not hi fi, but still pretty clear. Somewhat muffled sounding.

I got this and around 50 other Ornette shows in trade on cdr around December 2003. I did share a lot of them over the years but I think a few never made it out. If they did already my apologies for the repeats. I’m taking one last trawl through a lot of my old undocumented (as in I never put them on my list) cdrs before they get packed away for good.