Howdy folks,

Well.. well.. what do I have here? Digging into my Cipollina box this week for a little overhaul. I'm giving some of my free moments to make a box DVD set of Cipollina that isn't not your normal Cipollina! Other words, there are certain bands that only played together a few times or even just once, unique jam sessions and guesting with other bands. This is one of those. John Cipollina sat in with a band called Oroboros, A long lasting, reported legendary, a Ohio-based band, lead by Jim Miller. No, not the Jim Miller who produced Traffic (and others) records.. ;-) .. This Jim Miller ( is still quite active on Ohio jam band scene. I like indeed what I heard for years, but I never seen him live. Folks that have tell me "he's AWESOME!" so if I ever make it to Ohio one day, I will surely check him out!

Anyways, Cipollina was in Cleveland for a Zero show, and found the time to sit in with Oroboros. Lucky for us, it was recorded! I can't tell you the lineage, as this recording came my way several years ago. All I basically did pull it out from "hiding" for over 4 years, gave it deep cleaning, ran it on thru to .wav with EAC (no errors, woohoo!), and then dip into into FLAC and made a MD5 checksum. There are a few problems with the recording, with a dropouts or diginoise. However, that's just the way it came to me, now several years ago. There are very few, but I figure it wise to warn. They are not the fault of mine. Remember folks, this goes back to nearly the birth of CDR recording on those very cheap generic ones where you could damage them by just simply taking it out of the jewel box. I am very glad I got to it in time. Offically preversed! Thank again to Jim for passing this one on to me.

As always, enjoy! - and check out if you wish (esp. if you are in Ohio!)
-Tom Shyman (


Oroboros w/ John Cipollina
Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, OH
Aug. 15 1987

Lineage : AUD > ? > CDR (by Jim Miller?)
> EAC > FLAC by Tom Shyman

01 Cipollina & band intro.
02 Weather The Storm
03 I'm A Man
04 Not Fade Away
05 Man Gotta Woman
06 Not Fade Away
07 Iko Iko