"Shine Your Light" is the debut compilation release from Orthodox Muzik featuring Seventeen tracks in an exhilarating arrangement of rhythms from "roots" Reggae to Soul, Gospel, and Hip-hop.

Showcased on "Shine Your Light" are new original releases from Sister Carol with the smash single "Garden of Eden": Bazil Gayle (The Visionaires) with the title track "Shine Your Light"; and Patrick Junior with "Everlasting Work" and "Trodding/ Tracks of Life". Also featured on the album are hit singles from up-and-coming artistes "Cherry Rock", "Scepta", "Jahziel Naphtali", "Makedah" and "Judah Eskender Tafari".

Cherry Rock and Judah Eskender are original Orthodox Muzik artistes who already have recordings on the Market. Judah Eskender is famous for "You canít say Rasta never tell you".

Jahziel, Makedah and Scepta are the artistes making their debut.

Special guests on "Shine Your Light" include legendary songwriter and producer Sangie Davis with his politically charged single "We Need Love", the marvelous Orthodox Issachar with "Dem Gone", and rising reggae star Sydney Salmon (who now resides in Ethiopia) with "Babylon is falling Ethiopia is Calling".

This compilation "Shine Your Light" 14 Tracks recorded and engineered in New York, USA, while 2 were done in Jamaica and one in Et. This compilation was produced by Orthodox Muzik and published by Orthodox Muzik, New York, NY, To be realese December 2005. Special thanks to executive producers Selassie I Bros. and also T 2 I HQ Studios, New York, NY.
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