Osborne Brothers w/Red Allen
+ Ray Anderson
maybe 1957

Radio - WWVA

1. Introduction
2. Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
3. Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
4. I'll be listening
6. Down in the Willow Garden
7. Don't be Cruel
8. Down the Highway of Sorrow
New recording
9. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
10. Pike County Breakdown
New recording WWVA
11. Wonder Where you are Tonight
12. Ruby
13. Down Where the River Bends
14. Living too Fast ?
15. The Mama Blues
16. Today has been a Lonesome Day
17. Heavan
18. Shackles and Chains
New recording WWVA
20. Shortening Bread
21. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
22. My Thoughts are With You
23. Heavan
New Recording
24. Who Done It
25. The Greenvalley Waltz
New Recording
26. Cumberland Gap

1. Here today and Gone Tomorrow
2. Salty Dog
3. Darling Corey
4. Tennessee Wagoner
5. Are you Washed in the Blood
6. Teardrops in my Eyes
7. Cripple Creek
8. Who Done It
New Recording
10. Shortening Bread
New Recording
11. Cumberland Gap
12. Homesick
13. Please come back Little Pal
16. Outro
New Recording
18. Don't leave me home ?
19. Once More
21. Search Results
Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky
22. Little Maggie
23. Pauline > Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
24. Pretty Polly
26. In the Pines
27. Cripple Creek
28. Outro
New Recording
29. Nine Pound Hammer
31. Groundhog

CD Extracted via EAC
Unknown taper


Bobby Osborne - Mandolin
Sonny Osborne - Banjo

There are multiple recordings here, each recording is a different quality.
There are some very rough spots to these recording, the quality wavers in and out
with static a lot of the time. Tape scramble at the very beginning of some tracks
from the original tape transfer. I have not made any editing changes to what
I extracted from CD besides adding correct tracks. The music and historical value
contained on this recording certainly outweighs any imperfections .