The Osborne Brothers
Berkshire Mountains Festival
Beresford Farm
Duanesburg,New York
First Generation Soundboard Audience Mix
Unknown Microphone,Deck and mixer
Microphone(s) set up at soundboard
Tape From Floater,Transfer by Keo
Nakamichi MR-1>Korg MR-1000 @ 1 Bit/5.6MHz
Transfer/Tracking/Sample Rate Conversion with
AudioGate Software to 32 Bit Float/96kHz
Dithered and Flacked with Korg Aqua to 16/44
SBE's checked/fixed with traders little helper


2.Midnight Flyers
3.You Know That I Love You And I'm Not To Blame
4.One Tear Is All That I'll Cry For You
5.Talk/Tuning/Bill Monroe Intro
6.I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling
7.Wreck Of Old 96
8.Things We Want To Sing About
9.Sled Rider
10.Be Nobodies Darling But Mine
11.Some How Tonight
12.Lonesome Fiddle Blues
13.Farewell Blues

Comments:Huge thanks to Floater for the source tapes and
another uncirculated piece of this festival.First time for
me hearing this band and I enjoyed this little piece of
their history,not much seems to circulate after 2002 from
this band.Another sweet transfer IMO.Enjoy!