Oscar Peterson Jam Session - Jazz Alive

Broadcast date July 1, 1978

Montreux, Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Oscar Peterson, piano
Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet
Clark Terry, trumpet
Harry "Sweets" Edison, trumpet
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, tenor sax
Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen, bass
Bobby Durham, drums

Good news is there is 30 minutes of a great jam, unfortunately 30+ minutes are missing. There is hope someday someone will post the entire show.

01) no intro
02) starts in 1st Jam song
03) It don't mean a thing (works into easy lsitening blues) 10:08 mintues - tape runs out...
04) (1st 15 seconds have static) Sophisticated Lady (?)
05) Cherokee (Indian Love Song) - Ray Noble (1938)
06) Outro

Total Time: 31:23

To my knowledge this show has never been commercially released or distributed.

Techinal stuff:

Originally recorded 32 years ago on a Sony Boom box, possibly Sony CF-850, the size of a brief case or small suit case.

Pickwick Pro 60 -> Nakamichi 480 2 head tape deck (ex 90; no dolby) -> XONAR D1 PCI 7.1 audio card -> Audacity -> Adobe Audition 3.0 - --> mastering* --> Wav file -> Flac Frontend - Level 7

Mastering notes:

Slight tape hiss reduction