Grosser Saal des Wiener Musikvereins
Vienna (Austria)
November 21, 2003

Oscar Peterson (p)
Ulf Wakenius (g)
Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen (b)
Martin Drew (dr)

1. SONG TO ELITHA - 10:26
2. CITY LIGHTS - 9:53
3. LOVE BALLAD - 9:43

Lineage: ORF live radio broadcast > analog cable > Sony DATRec (48 kHz) > Philips CDRec > Nero (flac 8) > HD

Sound quality: A - (some tape noise, otherwise A)

The main part of this remarkable concert which was held on the occasion of the 175. anniversary of the Boesendorfer piano manufactury's establishment, has been officially released by Universal Music on Verve (DVD and CD: "A night in Vienna"), but the three tracks above remained unissued. So I seed them here in accordance with the dime mods.
On this evening Oscar Peterson played a Boesendorfer concert grand called "Imperial" of which he said in the late seventies: "Suddenly I touched this one instrument, and it spoke to me in a way I'd never heard before: the sound seem to run through my fingers, straight up my arms, and into my whole body". "This is mine!" I shouted in excitement. "This is the one!" [quote from the liner notes of the DVD edition]
So, if you have the DVD or CD (or both media) you only need to download these three tracks to have every note played on this evening.