Excellent FM recording of the performance.

One long and several very brief breaks in broadcast removed - details below.
Occasionally interesting but mostly repetitive and annoying DJ interruptions.

Montreal , QC -- Victoria Hall
2013-02-27 -- 51:53

01. -intro: DJ-
02. C Jam Blues
03. -talk: Robi Botos, DJ, Robi Botos, Dave Young-
04. Night Train
05. -talk: DJ-
06. Georgia on My Mind
07. -talk: DJ, Robi Botos -
08. The Honeydripper
09. -talk: DJ, Dave Young-
10. Band Call
11. -talk: DJ, Kelly Peterson-
12. Hymn to Freedom
13. -outro, credits: DJ-

note: '50 Years on the Night Train - Celebrating Oscar Peterson'
DJ - Garvia Bailey
one ~5 second cut in transmission removed at ~15:25 minutes.
6 brief cuts (~.030 second) invisibly removed.

This set, with video and additional songs but without the DJ overdub,
is available for streaming here:

Robi Botos - piano
Dave Young - bass
Alvin Queen - drums

Recorded, transferred, mastered, and posted to DIME on 2014-03-15
by stevemtl.

cable FM -> Yamaha RX596 -> AP2448 (analogue port) -> Soundforge
(@24/48: trim, edit, L2 level fix) -> r8brain (vhq downsample) -> soundforge (L2 dither) -> CDwave (track cut) -> TLH (flac level 8,
ffp, md5) - TLH (torrent)

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