The Oscillation Album Launch at The Lexington, London UK 2016-03-10

Set 1: Sterling Roswell

Track List
1. Heartbeat
2. Venus Honey Dew
3. Crystal Clear ???
4. Give Peace Another Chance
5. Nobody Loves the Hulk
6. Island In the Moon
7. Like Wild Horses (with drummer Martin Langshaw)
8. Atom Brain Monster (previously called Cameron's Brain) (with Claire Harrison - synth)

Set 2: The Oscillation

Unfortunately due to a technical problem most of the set was not recorded - the recording starts part way thru Descent and includes the two excellent encore numbers.

Members: Demian Castellanos (vox, guitar), Tom Relleen (bass), Valentina Magaletti (Drums), Cathy Lucas (Keyboards/Synths), Julian Hand (visuals)

Full Set List:
1. Future Echo
2. Monographic
3. Respond in Silence
4. Lonely People
5. Take Us to the Moon
6. Telepathic Birdman
7. Descent
8. encore break
9. Let It Be the End
10. No Place to Go

Only tracks 7 to 10 recorded.
Monographic is the new album for The Oscillation � Buy it.

Recorded using Olympus LS12
Edited and track splits with Wave Repair and Flac files created with Traders Little Helper

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