Oteil and Friends
The Fillmore
SilverSpring, MD
Taped by nate evans (tapernate)

Slight roc fob stand 12 foot up
Source in
Source 1: Neumann usm60 omni-xlr-sd788
Source 2: Neumann ak50(ortf)-lce-km100-xlr-sd788
Source 3: Neumann ak40(ortf)-lce-km100-xlr-sd788
Matrix made on SF for Mac using 3 sources above

Set 1
01 Intro
02 Water in the Dessert
03 How Sweet it is
04 Bertha
05 Cats Under the Stars
06 So Many Roads
07 Them Belly Full
08 Piece of Mind-band intros
10 Gotta Serve Somebody
11 That�s What Love Will Make You Do
12 Many Rivers to Cross
13 What�s Become of Mary
14 Rubin and Cherise
15 Proud Mary Karaoke
16 Encore
17 Weedie Solo-
Unconditional Love