Oteil and The Peacemakers
Neighborhood Theatre
Charlotte, North Carolina

24 track Multitrack ADAT source at 24/48
all instruments plus 2 onstage mics (RODE NT-2000 [omni] [rolloff at 38] [-3db pad left -5db pad right]
mixed and mastered by James Goldman (darkstar67@wideopenwest.com)
Dither done with izotope Ozone

1.Hit The Hay
2.Sweet Lord > Too Many Times
4.Green Eyed Lady
5.Hard To Find
6.Butter Biscuit
7.Blue Eyed Savior
8.Thank You
9.Power Of Soul
10.Monk Funk
11.Check Yourself
12.Pull Together
13. Stand Up People

this is rough

the first song is not worth transfer due to technical difficulties I have not worked out yet. NO vocals, can't really work that out. So this starts with d1 t02 but the setlist is correct - d2 starts with Blue Eyed Savior.

Also -

This was the first recording (multitrack) I did with the new microphones - Yes - everyone recieved copmlimentary AUDIX Microphones in a sponsorship deal. They are actually very VERY good for road use. However, that being said, they ran from 50% to 300% hotter than I was used to - and I have worked with this band more than any other, so it was all very difficult to say the least.

Oteil wanted to give something away - and the video may well follow - with this as the soundtrack in some form. Enjoy!!!



OtP 2005-02-26 d1 t02.flac:066f9b12c5c7d1c624afde5cc2eef797
OtP 2005-02-26 d1 t03.flac:15cd40f45fdeb4731fe1344b6cea2f9d
OtP 2005-02-26 d1 t04.flac:0ae9a8a9521da06479adcd246f8afa61
OtP 2005-02-26 d1 t05.flac:8b747f4f6f2f010b23038aea3d994f6b
OtP 2005-02-26 d1 t06.flac:2f249ae2a84558ccac5f2a96eae4e6c5
OtP 2005-02-26 d1 t07.flac:2f3408751374d9a23ba2ce373112b3bb
OtP 2005-02-26 d2 t01.flac:c75bc1ea858417a584e43771e9352cb7
OtP 2005-02-26 d2 t02.flac:418bd9a248a0b7980f54247f8a4caeee
OtP 2005-02-26 d2 t03.flac:2f0a5bc7f40275c776bd4e05c7096f0e
OtP 2005-02-26 d2 t04.flac:2f2d661ad8101262061e2d0d21b4f27b
OtP 2005-02-26 d2 t05.flac:939c4c837a432bf41f83e5b12b5c0e2f
OtP 2005-02-26 d2 t06.flac:c6c01a2725cfdcf5f761a7a71608f2fc
OtP 2005-02-26 d2 t07.flac:9c9525918506d71b33a8d81f4cc768fb