Oteil and the Peacemakers
14 April 2007
Wanee Festival
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL

Source: Studio Projects LSD2 (Blumlein) > Hydra silver XLR > Edirol UA5 (Oade warm) > JB3
Location: directly front of board, ~20 yards from stage
Transfer: JB3 (usb) > iMac. Tracked via Sound Studio, FLAC via xACT

Recorded and transferred by Alex Leary

Disc One

01. Tubby
02. You Got Me Floatin'
03. Hit the Hay
04. Kawlijah
05. Blue Eyed Savior *
06. What Is Hip?
07. Turn On Your Lovelight **
08. Pull Together

Disc Two

01. No More Doubt
02. Green Eyed Lady
03. Payday ***
04. Power of Soul > ACDC/Zeppelin teases > Power of Soul
05. Power in the Blood ****

* Jason Crosby on fiddle
** Roosevelt Collier on pedal steel
*** Kofi Burbridge on flute
*** Roosevelet Collier on pedal steel

oteil2007-04-14d1t01.flac: 1860903aa57af1b4a5ce64f6a7abbce2
oteil2007-04-14d1t02.flac: f85e74ac7fd9076e5f0a20e9abec032d
oteil2007-04-14d1t03.flac: 25aed34f51d6c25aee379b8832091727
oteil2007-04-14d1t04.flac: 6edd6b6ae562d5c927b06293ebe71adb
oteil2007-04-14d1t05.flac: c75313f607a44c2685433869702bcc2a
oteil2007-04-14d1t06.flac: 4a0105e6f6609644dc47f4e976272bd0
oteil2007-04-14d1t07.flac: e1ad0fad58f2224a8f720da58315bb9b
oteil2007-04-14d1t08.flac: 44bcfcab25d6a969d62e2dddc2ab8d43
oteil2007-04-14d2t01.flac: 21fea043228cdbf0b2e8dbf1fe6d2fe1
oteil2007-04-14d2t02.flac: 53911ffc17dc40b9a082e140c4c8ddc5
oteil2007-04-14d2t03.flac: 9df55a265757875c4da78a6410639c7a
oteil2007-04-14d2t04.flac: 9dcab980e9db3835e27fe19dad6d4d51
oteil2007-04-14d2t05.flac: d4db71e9fc779257fe86808b7e11869a