Oteil & The Peacemakers
WorkPlay Theater
Birmingham, AL

Source: Schoeps CMC6/MK4 > Kynd Kables > R4 Pro w/ Busman T-Mod

Location: DFC / 20' from stage / 8' high

1. Intro
2. You Got Me Floatin'
3. I Wanna Know
4. Pull Together
5. Natural Mystic
6. Butter Biscuit ^
7. Rooster
8. Green Eyed Lady
9. Sweet Lord
10. Payday
11. What Is Hip
12. Too Many Times
13. Hit The Hay
14. Love Light
15. Monk Funk
16. Kaw-Liga
17. The Door
18. Sing A Simple Song > *
19. Church Groove

^ Pusherman tease
* Penn Robertson on lead vocals / Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey tease

Oteil Burbidge - Bass, Vocals
Mark Kimbrell - Guitar Vocals
Matt Slocum - Keys, Vocals
Chris Fryer - Drums, Vocals

JW Mod AKG 460/ck63 > Hydra Cables > R4 Pro w/ Busman W-Mod source also available.

Lineage: R4 Pro > firewire > Soundforge 8.0 at 24bit/48khz

Editing: SoundForge 8.0 at 24bit/48khz
Levels raised 4.5dB
Fades applied at beginning & end of set
24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz
Resample to 44.1kHz: Anti Alias, Interpol accuracy 4
Dither to 16bit: Triangular w/ Noise Shaping, Equal Loudness Contour
Tracking: CD Wave
FLAC Conversion: Traders Little Helper (Level 6)

Taped, transfered & seeded by Jeff Hatcher (habit1973 at gmail dot com)

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on November 22, 2007, at 10:53 am

2ca7cbbf42e850de2ea85998ed8fd876 *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t01.flac
bdac3a5ce2dbb81c06f5ae50065bf1ae *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t02.flac
26d6c7073992922e84a46acf8577885b *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t03.flac
f588765bbfdbebcddddf4f3f06c1849d *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t04.flac
2d42ff0e7921a874aeb50a2d66f3b776 *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t05.flac
babaed5fa84fd36f80cd902c6fe54dea *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t06.flac
c8da190e3571fd589373781c671ec60a *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t07.flac
e6c36d3175b720448f1bdb5fe112b4ed *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t08.flac
dc8d5e7fef4419e5aba668221d73c363 *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t09.flac
069f38f79e42701e886c2ef0b90ce7d3 *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t10.flac
2acbe7f24585924ea0f5ca58b0501965 *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t11.flac
2766d2fc450b915e226cc33a261a48e6 *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t12.flac
5b2ca9f606c46172af58811768a1b536 *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t13.flac
29c1d0a7eab364dfcd611f9b4df613fc *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t14.flac
1bb95599ca6330cf99f12443c65ca6fe *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t15.flac
0aef220a7922c46d7ae40d8038f22f6e *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t16.flac
68baa7eaf8ba1668bf964b8fed270ae3 *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t17.flac
ceb5356fdbaa1be634494222edc9f682 *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t18.flac
ee11cddb55f088f06797124315d22a07 *opm2007-11-21jhatcher_mk4_t19.flac