Great Woods Center, Mansfield, MA

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note: I edited out some digi-noise in between songs using CE96, this was most likely caused from the FM broadcast. I also tracked out Bruce's piano intro into White-Wheeled Limo because it's not really a part of the song, but it's always nice listening to Bruce!

The second disc has some fantastic playing by Bruce, Kimock and Lesh!

Disc One
1. Truckin' >
2. Loose Lucy
3. Loser
4. Only the Strange Remain
5. Bird Song
6. Friend of the Devil
7. Bruce Solo >
8. White Wheeled Limousine

Disc Two
1. Lady With A Fan* >
2. China Cat Sunflower >
3. I Know You Rider
4. Estimated Prophet >
5. The Other One >
6. Drumz >
7. China Doll >
8. Wharf Rat >
9. Sugar Magnolia

*Bruce Hornsby solo, instrumental


Unbelievable! Phil blew the roof off Great Woods!
-Dylan, Lexington, MA

Great FOTD, White Wheeled Limousine and Other One. Sugar Mag closer was weak, unfortunately, due to several mistimed crescendos.
- John J. Wood, Plainville, MA

2nd row, Phil was having a blast, Kimock needs to be mixed in louder. China Cat through the Other One was as good as it gets. Parking lot was tough to get out of.
-Jeff, Weymouth, MA

well we're off tour now and looking back over our ten shows by far the best for me was great woods, the band took me places I didn't even know were out there, I don't remember if the technical aspects were the best of all the shows we saw, and for that matter I don't even remember much of the setlist, but really, to me a truly wonderful grateful dead experience does not concern technical reviews and stellar setlists, Gratewoods was the best show I've seen simply because that night the band and I found ourselves on the same level and I was priveledged to ride thier energy to the musical depths that they took me. Mabye this site might be filled with more 10+ reviews if we made more of an effort not to make the other onesinto a game of comparisons and ratings and stats, and we attended each nite's show with a grateful attitude and avoided the sceptisism and high expectaitons grate woods was absolutly wonderful for me. thank you TOO :)
-Kevin Byrne, Rockford, IL

Grate show! 1st of our tour...although its not the Dead, the magic was definitely back, glad to see Mickey back in the swing of things...thanks TOO, for bringing me back home;)
-Benny, Portland, ME