The Other Ones
Furthur Festival
Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre
Edgewood, Colorado
July 19, 1998
Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Darby
AKG451EB/CK1's (DIN/DFC/Edge Of Lawn/8 Feet High)
Tascam DA-P1 @ 16/48
Transfer Information:Fostex D-5>Tascam HD-P2 @ 16/48>
HDD>Audacity (Tracking/Fades)>xACT (FLAC6)
Tracks Renamed/Dithered/Flacked With Korg Aqua To 16/44 By Keo
SBE's Checked/Fixed With Trader's Little Helper
Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename


02.Playin' In The Band>
03.All Along The Watchtower
04.Scarlet Begonias>
05.Fire On The Mountain
06.Jack A Roe
07.Minglewood Blues
08.Down The Road
09.White Wheeled Limousine
10.Bird Song>
11.Samson And Delilah>
13.Space>Banyan Tree>
15.Playin Reprise>
16.Wharf Rat>
17.Throwing Stones>
18.Not Fade Away/NFA Chant



Comments:A HUGE HUGE Thanks out to Mr. Darby for
recording and sharing his source for this show!
As always ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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