The Other Ones 7-22-1998 (Discs: CDA-2/SHN-2)
Irvine Meadows Irvine CA

Bertha Remaster of the DAT soundboard

SBD>>DAT>>CDR>>Wav(EAC)>>FLAC>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA/FLAC - Sound A


d1t01-Truckin' >>
d1t02-Jack Straw
d1t03-Mystery Train
d1t04-Loose Lucy
d1t05-Mountians Of The Moon
d1t06-Fields Of Athenry (*)
d1t07-Only The Strange Remain
d1t08-Loser >>
d2t01-//Estimated Prophet >>
d2t02-Drumz >>
d2t03-//Jam > Rainbow's Caddilac >>
d2t04-Jam > China Cat Sunflower >>
d2t05-I Know You Rider >>
d2t06-China Doll >>
d2t07-Touch Of Grey


Digitally remastered using a custom built, Dual-DAW, nicknamed Bertha, by Completed on May 30, 2004.

(*) w/Dennis McNeill; only "Fields of Athenry"