Otis Clay & Chicago Fire
Sunflower River Blues Festival
Clarksdale, Mississippi, August 10, 1991 Master

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Otis Clay is originally from the Clarksdale area and went to high school there. He was not on the original bill, but was added. He was the headliner and the only act to play after dark. This was the 2nd Sunflower River fest. I think. The stage was at the back of the old depot in Clarksdale instead of backing against the tracks the way it was the last time I went. It was much more fun when it was a low-key event, but they were jerks about taping even back then!
This was a small and vocal crowd. I was just standing at about center stage in the crowd and this recording really captures what it was like to be there. There is some crowd noise. I mean, this is Clarksdale at night and beers were only $1 all day at a festival in Mississippi in August!
I included sound samples with and without crowd noise. It doesn't bother me at all as most of the recording sounds like the no-noise samples, but I just want to give you full disclosure! How many Otis Clay boots are there anyway! Plus, Chicago Fire just isn't the same without the background vocalists. I just wish I had this on video too! Someone I don't know tried to videotape it and you can hear Otis stop him. This is the real deal and, to me, it doesn't get any better than Otis Clay in a vacant lot on a hot Mississippi night! "Nickle and a Nail" and "Precious, Precious," oh yeah baby, that's what I like! Soul fans, bring on the uploads!

1. Instrumental (Chicago Fire only, PA tuneup)
2. I didn't know the meaning of pain
3. Papa's got a brand new bag
4. Peace is just around the corner
5. Nickle and a nail
6. Precious, Precious
7. If I can reach out and help somebody
8. Love and happiness (small cut in middle from tape flip)