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Hey Friends, here�s something great,
especially for all of us, really interesed in the Blues, in this bad days......
Otis Rush wasn�t born in New Orleans, but on 4/29/34 in Philadelphia , Mississippi,
and I wonder what�s happening there , without all these cameras of the mass media......
I really wish that everything in this area will be getting better soon, and I�m glad that a lot of help, even from here, is on the way!

In the meantime, as a little support of another kind,
here�s another GEM from taperbats master collection,
an Otis Rush show, which right after the first listening, was amoung my all time favorites Blues shows!
Besides an astonishing mix of various styles and instruments, this show is a good proof
that even Chicago based Blues music, isn�t necessarily mostly sad and full of sorrow!

Otis�playing here is very delicate and sure amoung his finest work!
The sound quality is really superp! MP 3 sample below!

Many, Many Thanks to Taperpat , for preserving this great recording all the years and for sharing it with all of us!
This is not just another Blues show, but simply a great piece of music!

01 Intro
02 Watermelon Man
03 It takes a little Time
04 I can�t quit you Baby
05 Kepp loving me Baby
06 Popcorn
07 Gambler�s Blues
08 Why I sing the Blues
09 Please love me
10 Double Trouble
11 Everything�s gonna work out fine
12 Please please Please
Time: ca. 56 mins
Otis Rush. g, voc
Little Bo. Tenor sax
Bob Richards: dr
Ernest Gatewood: b