Otis Rush

Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

Lineage: 1st gen cassette -> PC (editing, tracking, FLACs)
Quality: B+/A-, AUD
No Artwork

1. All your love
2. It's my own fault
3. Darling you know I love you
4. I can't quit you baby
5. You can't help
6. Instrumental 1
7. Instrumental 2
8. Instrumental 3
9. Instrumental 4
10. Shake my head
11. She could feel bad
12. Money (instrumental)
13. Caldonia
14. Come on, baby
15. My love will never die

TRT: 83.47 min

I'm not familiar with Otis Rush or blues in general. There are probably many mistakes in the setlist which I copied from the cassette cover. Corrections would be most welcome.

Eddie Boyd, who had moved to Finland in 1970, was in the audience and is introduced after the first song.

Previously uncirculated.

Arcana, May 2012