New York City
March 21, 1981

1) [Intro Instrumental] 5:20
2) Homeless Blues [?] 8:40
3) Crosscut Saw 7:54
4) Little Red Rooster 7:22
5) All Your Love (I Miss Loving) 6:13
6) [Instrumental] 11:01
7) You're Breaking My Heart 10:30
8) [Instrumental] 3:39

Otis Rush � gtr. voc
? � bass
? � drums
? � keys
? - g

Here�s a little gem that I have not yet shared with anyone. It�s the first club show I ever saw of what I then considered an �old blues man.� It�s none other than that fiery Chicago blues guitar slinger, Otis Rush, who at the time was all of 46. (I�m older than that now.)

Rush had been a veteran of the early blues tours in Europe called the American Folk Blues Festival, in the early to late 60s. Rush, at the time, was the youngster of the troupe assembled by Willie Dixon to back some of the biggest names in blues. He obviously left an impression on those Europeans, for it was a German friend of mine who was visiting the US back in 1981 and asked me if I could recommend a place to hear some blues live in New York City.
So we checked the Village Voice and found that Tramps�one of the few places to showcase blues in NYC in the early 80s�was having Otis Rush that week. So off we went. I brought my trusty little Panasonic Slimline mono tape recorder with me, only for the sake of having a souvenir.
Thirty years later, I transferred the recording to CD and here it is for anyone else who cares.
I�d love to get feedback from anyone who knows the titles of the unnamed tunes or any of the band members. I have no idea if these are pick-up players or if Rush had a touring band. I was green behind the ears, folks, still in high school, mostly into heavy metal and only just starting to sniff at this unknown thing called the �Blues.�

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