Otis Rush Paris, Elysee Montmartre, 1981 october 20th, SM aud master

I'm posting this show after long hesitations because i still remember i went disappointed after this night.
I found the Otis's playing a bit weird sometimes, some said he was drunk; may be i was hoping too much ?
But i don't have to stop blues fans to listen to this uncirculated master recording, just let me know what's your opinion about the performance.

The first set was short with a 21 mns number, then the second was more than 90 mns long; very long tunes were also played.

Recorded from the seats facing stage, with a Sony TCD5 M and a couple of Phonia powered mics.

Cassettes played on a Marantz SD 4051 deck (pitch adjusted), to Zoom H4, SD card to PC, Audacity editions(tracks, volume), FLAC (TLH).

Set list:

01 Instrumental by the band
02 Instrumental by the band
03 Instrumental by the band
04 Band intro and instrumental with Otis Rush
05 Crosscut saw
07 Instrumental by the band
08 Instrumental by the band
09 Instrumental with Otis Rush
10 Lets have a natural ball ?
11 Instrumental
12 I need your lovin' ?
14 All your love
15 I got news for you ?
16 Instrumental - Let's have a natural ball ?

01 - 06: 1st set
07 - 16: 2d set and encore
I don't know who was the lady who sang on 12.

Sound is OK considering it was recorded 30 years ago (sample provided).