Otis Rush
Wax Museum,
Washington DC

This is a reseed, I cant believe this fell off the tracker already,but since there was a mini Otis Rush flood, I thought I'd add this to the flood.
Everything is the same except I deleted track 01 as it was the same as track 02, it was duplicated for some reason. There is a muffled part from 1:30 on track 1 to 1:15 into track 2, so around 5 minutes that are muffled, but the rest is a really nice aud recording from the master tape.

Here are the 1st Dime seeders notes:
Here is another great Blues audience from jimitrane master from the TTD tracker.
The original seeder info:

For Blues Fans. Here is the great Otis Rush recorded by a friend of mine using
my deck at the Wax Museum, Washington D.C. 1-31-83. This was transferred
directly from his master to CDR. The first 2 songs have a little quality
fluctuation because he was trying to the get the mike right. By the 3rd song
the sound quality rivals and good soundboard out there, especially since it's a
25 year old recording. Otis plays a lot of instrumentals that night and seemed
to be relaxed and in a good mood. Every Otis fan should enjoy this show. Again
I didn't get the personnel when I transferred and it there are any names for the
instrumentals that you recognize let me know and I'll update the covers.

Sony WM-D3 Recording Walkman with a Sony Stereo Mic ECM-929LT with Maxell hi
quality tape >Philips 765CDR>FLAC


Otis Rush
Wax Museum
Washington, D.C. 1-31-83

1. Intro Instrumental 5:35
2. All Your Loving I Miss Loving 5:21
3. It’s My Own Fault 11:19
4. You can Make It If You Tried 4:42
5. Woke Up This Morning 6:16
6. Right Place, Wrong Time 6:57
7. Intrumental 4:48
8. Intrumental 14:13
9. Got My Mojo Working 10:05
10. Encore: Got My Mojo Working (Incomplete) 1:53

1st Seed: Dec.14,2008

2nd Seed Oct.5,2009

Torrent 335