february 2, 1985
chicago, illinois
biddy mulligan's
--john e lee014--

master tape(tdk ad-c120)>technics rs-t36r>r9(line in)>2gb memory card>pc>audition>cd wav>tlh(flac 8)>you

the sound was amplified by 3db overall and the tracks were cut using cd wav. nothing else has been done

contract clause: not the same as the following torrent

this source has a "?" in its lineage, wheras the john e lee source has verified lineage of a master tape as well as having the transfer method documented.
the only unknown information is what type of deck was used to record the initial broadcast.

fm broadcast on chicago's 93.1 wxrt. dj comments have been left, but cut into their own tracks.
the commercial was removed.

01)house announcer
03)feel so bad
04)double trouble
05)that will never do
06) dj out comments
07) dj in comments
08)right place wrong time
10)trying to be nice
11)it's my own fault, baby
12) dj close comments